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Friday, October 30, 2015

Creating your Webview App : Part 1

11:04 PM
Before this, Read : Introduction to webview app

Now Lets start creating the webview app to convert the website to an android app.

After creating a new project, Select build.gradle (Module:app) from the project tree. And add the below line in the dependencies section.

    compile ''

After adding the line, Gradle may ask you to Sync the new dependency. Click on Sync Now if asked. and wait for the synchronization process to complete.

Now Select and Delete all the code Except the first line. That is your app package name. In my case it is 

Copy the below code and paste it in your below the package name.

After that, In Line 39, Change the Url with the website you want to use in the app. That is


Change the URL after http://

Now, Open activity_main.xml , Delete the whole code and paste the below code in it.

To be Continued.
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